Welcome Beta Testers!

You have been chosen to inspect and explore the new world which will be released later this year, please explore ALL of it! there are many things to see and do, this open world will have specific sessions which are listed below, During these times you can explore the world,  and do anything you want.

BACK INFO: The floating world hovers above the planet earth and is known as [AW], owned and controlled by Alex W.

The [AW] Ranch is a closed area of the map and wont be released to explore until 2011,

The Airport can take you to various places, from links to other websites to other sides of the island, the control tower can be changed around if you can get in...

The Media wall is a portion of the island that has plain music/media from Youtube, made by Alex W.

The Town is a portion still under maintenance, soon people will be able to rent apartments, communicate with other people, and visit the Music Store...

The Mountain is closed for various reasons, for one there has been criminals lurking around the Town, along with large masses of construction on the mountain.

There are many many more places to see and explore, so please do so.



I would like to thank everyone who contributed with the latest Beta testing. We have received feedback and will be using it for further advances in the project. two more sessions have been confirmed and are listed below in the testing times.


It has been confirmed that the [AW] Island will be opening its gates October 1st 2010.

Another release which is still being debated is a new thing called The [AW] First which will give registered members a chance to get a first look at the [AW] Ranch starting two days before the official website launches. More information will be released soon.

Beta Testing Times

6-26-10 to 6-30-10 [FINISHED]

7-11-10 to 7-20-10 [FINISHED]

8-1-10 to 8-7-10 [CONFIRMED]

8-20-10 to 9-1-10 [CONFIRMED]

9-10-10 to 9-15-10 [CONFIRMED]


Come back some other time...

History of the website...

The idea of the island was thought up over a year ago, with this drawing below...

The picture represented various parts of a open world that was imagined for a long period of time, but starting at the summer of 2010. It finally began construction. 

[AW] has formed from many "Draft" websites over the years. It had one began as the name Alex.com, then it changed to AW.com for over five years. Now it is known as [AW]. The past formats of the website franchise have had qualities completely different from each other, but this new type of open world map website will have every component that the Draft sites had. For veterans of the original website will remember the mascot, Members of the Freewebs site will see its classic games, and people will see the same fashion of blogging and writing.

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