The Changing Raft 

The Changing Raft is a Collaboration project between Alex Wollyung and Seung Yup Shin. Preforming songs and working together to publish music that changes perspective on things as you listen.

Full Album available now to download!

See each song in order along with link to download.



Melancholy Evanescence is the first and starting point of the album, every song is briefly based off the riffs and chords in this song. The name is a term for the type of feeling it is suppose to give off (Gentle fading). Recorded on Garage Band, instruments used: Classic Piano, Electric Guitar

Melancholy Evanescence.m4a Melancholy Evanescence.m4a
Size : 6.07 Kb
Type : m4a


Daybreak video coming soon...

Daybreak was composed by Seung Yup Shin, the main idea around daybreak was to make it sound fun and enjoyable to listen to. sounding as if a break from Melancholy Evanescence. Recorded on Garage Band, Instruments used: Classic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar.

Daybreak.m4a Daybreak.m4a
Size : 3.25 Kb
Type : m4a


Space video coming soon...

Space is the most different song in the album, It contains no guitar, just piano. With three different covers of piano mixed into one song. this one clearly sticks out more than the others. Recorded on Garage Band, Instruments used: Classic Piano, Electric Piano

Space.m4a Space.m4a
Size : 2.334 Kb
Type : m4a


 Ice (Feat. Kevin Cosgrove) video coming soon...

Ice is the only song which contains a solo from neither Seung Yup Shin or Alex Wollyung, But Kevin Cosgrove, This song is an attempt to capture a feeling of coldness and far away from a feeling of gentle fading. Recorded on Garage Band, Instruments used: Trumpet (B Flat), Classic Piano, Acoustic Guitar.

Ice (Feat. Kevin Cosgrove).m4a Ice (Feat. Kevin Cosgrove).m4a
Size : 3.188 Kb
Type : m4a


 Fire & Ash (Finale) video coming soon...

Fire and Ash, originally planned to be two songs, but due to time constraints the ideas were combined to one song. This song contains solos from both Seung Yup Shin and Alex Wollyung, along with a additional extended ending based off Space and Daybreak. Recorded on Garage Band, Instruments used: Classic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar.

Fire & Ash (Finale).m4a Fire & Ash (Finale).m4a
Size : 6.138 Kb
Type : m4a

Bonus Track 

Lullaby (Guitar Solo)

Lullaby (Bonus Track Guitar Solo).m4a Lullaby (Bonus Track Guitar Solo).m4a
Size : 1.697 Kb
Type : m4a


Both pictures "Front" and "Back" Were made by the help of Google Images search, Recording was used by Garage Band on Macbook Pro.

These songs were NON profit,

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