This open area is a floating world that you can roam and explore, with hidden rooms, private helicopters, and secret stairs you will need some knowledge before you can master the obstacles within.

                                        Launch Board:

                                                                  The Launch board is the opening page where you start the exploring, it will have four arrows that can take you to the different sides of the world.


                                                     Arrows are the direct links to other places in the world. without them it would not be possible to string together the web. The arrows you click will take you to the general direction it points.


                                                      The News is a board that will post updates about the island, like new areas or changes made, The news can be accessed from the launch board.


                                                The Map is a general "quick links" area, although if the area is closed off on the map does not exactly mean it is off bounds, it just means you need to find a way into it...

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